domingo, 19 de março de 2017

The Novel of the Grammarian

The Novel of the Grammarian [O Romance do Gramático, Gradiva, 2011] is the transcription of a manuscript the author discovered in the possession of a Jewish-Hungarian family in 1981.
An ex-monk, Fernão de Oliveira, narrates the strange occurrences in a convent on the island of Bled (Slovenia) in 1532, with Christian Europe threatened by the Turks. The novel follows the adventurous life of the first Portuguese grammarian (1507-1581) who was a sailor in the service of France, who when a prisoner in England met Henry VIII and who was also persecuted by the Portuguese Inquisition.
With pages enriched by facts and figures from the 16th Century, by intrigue and liberty of thought, the rebellion and good humour of this tale are the best response to today’s sad times.

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